Wonderful music to suit many tastes

How to Book

The information below applies to bookings during normal times.

Concerts on November 8 (Silvie Paladino) and December 6 (Antoinette Halloran & James Egglestone) are currently scheduled to take place, but new bookings for these concerts are not being taken yet. However, you may contact us by phone (9457 2595) or email (keithtupper08@gmail.com) with your contact details, so that we can get back to you when arrangements are confirmed and firm bookings can be made. Fees for all new bookings for these two concerts will be $30 per ticket.

Individual seats are numbered, and allocated according to best available. Bookings may be made by phone (9457 2595) or by mail. Payment may be made by credit card (Visa or Mastercard) or by cheque.

To book by mail, please indicate

  • the concerts for which tickets are required
  • the number of tickets required in each category for each concert
  • the total cost
  • the credit card number (including the last three numbers on back of card), expiry date and name on card

and mail to Concert Committee, 1/5 Graham Court, Macleod 3085, with a stamped, self addressed envelope.

Unreserved seats
There are normally some unreserved seats available at the door from 1.30pm onwards on concert days. Information can also be obtained by e-mail, as follows: for bookings, please click here and give details.
For copies of our brochure, please click here.

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