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Concerts 2021

Concerts scheduled to take place in the Uniting Church, 21 Arden Crescent, Rosanna, Melbourne, Australia (Melway reference 20 B12) after being postponed for several months, eventually had to be cancelled.

However, a number of concerts are now being planned for the coming months. Following are details of the first two, with others in the offing later in the year.

We’re back! Julie Houghton and Friends returned to Rosanna with a concert celebrating the ten years when Julie and her troupe of entertainers have taken centre stage at Arden Crescent. .                                                   

Our first concert since the COVID lockdowns, this took place on Sunday, 27 June, and was an outstanding success!

Antoinette and James – More Vocal Treasures: Antoinette Halloran, one of Australia’s best-loved sopranos, and James Egglestone, one of Australia’s finest tenors, are returning to Rosanna to present another delightful program of operatic favourites and highlights from musical theatre. Originally scheduled for April 2020; twice postponed. Sunday, 1 August, 3pm. Bookings are now open.

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